Why do real estate investors fail?


Let’s face it, there is a lot of real estate information out there. But no matter how many people you see in seminars, how many of them will be successful in real estate business if they read all the books on real estate (I’m guilty!) Using words of wisdom from real estate real estate gurus or Rotating people you see in Burns & Noble until 11pm?


I don’t have accurate statistics, but based timeshare exit companies on my experience as a real estate provider and coach, I think it will only be close to 1-2% of people who want to become a real estate investor. Makes business and profitable.

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Those statistics are very disappointing.


Why so hard Why do investors fail even before they start? And why, when other people fail to meet long-term goals, can they successfully take the first step in a real estate investment career?


At a seminar a few years ago, when I started as an immovable property investment student, I realized that the deck was set against me. I bought all the real estate investment courses, signed up for private coaching and saw a lot of people around me fall by the wayside. I wanted to leave myself, many times. Your real estate investment can be the story of your own battle in your career.


That’s a million dollars. These are the resolutions I can come up with.


Real Estate Why do real estate investors fail despite real estate?


1) The Myth of Getting Rich – Why Real Estate Investors Fail?


Just because there are property investment strategies, such as diversion of houses, does not mean that they (60-90 days) are easy to implement, because finding a deal, negotiating And it’s easy to shut them down in the first two months. After starting your real estate real estate. In my experience, most people take the time to get acquainted with real estate markets, real estate terms and strategies in their area about wesley financial group reviews, and then start implementing them so they can find encouraging sellers. And negotiate with them.


You can go with 5000 or more even if a good deal is closed. Under an option agreement or lease, it can take years for this property to “mature” before you sell it in your portfolio for a significant profit. Making people hurry is the biggest money I’ve ever seen in restoration and short sale negotiations. Continuing such contracts leads to a full-time job. They work, they work fast, but they take a long time to implement.


2) Myth without money


A lot of times, I hear coaching calls from students saying, “I lost my job, so I was really motivated to do it quickly.” Or “My goal is to move around the house every month because I need some cash for start-up capital.” Promoting residential property investment as a business that does not require capital maintains these sentiments. Even if you have removed the formula, if you own a rental property or make a lease / option, it can take many years for paper profits to go hand in hand.


This exception proved the rule, and some people are quick to prepare timeshare compliance reviews “thousands” of times when they need it. For example, I know people who make a lot of deals with Craigslist or call through the newspaper. However, many real estate investors need some money for marketing marketing to find motivated sellers if they want to keep their contract pipeline reasonably complete. In addition to marketing to find encouraging sellers, contracts charge a fee for the amount owed, legal fees, inspections, etc. If you want to own a property as a landlord, the costs will go up even more. If I had to point out false expectations as well as a root cause of failure in this business, I would list the biggest lack of funding.


3) The reality of “where I live doesn’t work”.


There is a crowd at Real Estate Grove Field whose speakers want to make fun of. Most students like to say, “Your tactics don’t work where I live.” Teachers play it ridiculous, as if someone is making an excuse not to start their investment because they “can’t.”


The fact of the matter is that there are many differences in the performance of real estate markets across the country. In some areas, such as the South and Midwest, asset values ​​are relatively stable and asset cash flows well. Elsewhere, reminiscent of Southern California, Florida and Las Vegas, property values ​​can fluctuate dramatically and you may be lucky or lose your shirt if you change your definition.

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