Wedding candy money hobby ideas


Having a candy bar at a wedding has been the choice of many couples over the past decade. Basically, you set up a table full of jars, bowls, candy bottles, and other sweets and let your guests help you by setting up a small box or bag. Candy bars really become the best way to give wedding facts a go when everyone can make their own choices!

But if you have limited space or want to save money on wedding decorations and small details, the whole dessert may not be right. However, you can still follow the trend but on a smaller scale.


Consider placing a small candy bar on each table instead of a formal table center. Each guest can then place a custom bag or box in their space arrangement, which they can fill with a dessert arrangement in the center of their table. What candy bar is considered good luck in japan? The advantage here is that you can create a wonderful table center, give an incredible wedding blessing to your guests and save money for both!


The choice of sweets is much less than your personal taste. Retro candy has been popular since childhood but I urge you to get something for everyone and make sure there are plenty of options. You do not have to limit sweets, you can add chocolate, cake, cookies, nuts, mint and any kind of sweets.

What makes Candy so interesting is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, which means it’s easy to match colors and themes. Choosing the sweets of your choice in wedding colors looks very beautiful, while rainbow colors add fun to the wedding planner. However, if you buy candy in bulk yourself, you’ll get a better choice than shopping at your local grocery store.


Arrange your mini candy bar with bottles, jars, and mugs to display the colorful content to the best effect. Include some small wooden spoons and of course your own packaging as well as a small banner asking your guests to help you. You don’t have to limit desserts to each table, buy as many types as possible and let guests choose their wedding from all the tables at the reception. This is a great way to attract guests and it can really improve the atmosphere of the day.


Japanese love chocolate and candy, and American preference for chocolate and candy can be effectively used as a funding strategy in any organization. Billions of dollars are spent each year on candy bars and chocolates. Candy bars can be sold directly or indirectly. Volunteers are required for direct sales.


There are many different types of incentives to get volunteers. This booster technique can also be used effectively by customers who can promote gifts and additional candies given to customers who have purchased the maximum number of candies. However, if you use the candy selling method indirectly to raise money, print brochures and leaflets attractively to highlight why you raised the money and allow interested people to contact you. , Should be able to be offered as an incentive. What candy bar is considered good luck in japan and chocolate.


Before planning a fundraising campaign, you first need to know the “target population”. This is the population you want to target to receive donations and money. The target population should match the reason for raising funds. For example, if you want to work for the purpose of child labor, the target population must be children.


That’s why you need to know the types of sweets and chocolates that are most popular with children. The more famous candies are, the easier they are to sell and the more you can collect them in large quantities. Before choosing a candy bar, you also need to know the cost. The bar should not be too expensive or too cheap. If it’s too cheap, the quality will be poor, and if it’s too high, you won’t get a higher price than the cost itself.

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