Top iMovie Alternatives for Linux

Top iMovie Alternatives for Linux

Apple’s iMovie is a prominent choice amongst Mac users who seem new to video editing, although it is not open source. Making videos on iMovie is a reasonably straightforward process for newcomers with Mac os, Mac Windows, and gadgets. The system is user-friendly and enables people to choose videos from various sources. DVD encoded information, digital video devices, and even photographs are among these sources.

But the downside of iMovie is that it is not suitable for non-iOS devices, PCs, and Laptops. However, there are many iMovie Linux alternatives one can opt for to edit videos and pictures. In this article, we’ll be providing you some of the widely used & iMovie Linux alternatives. Let’s start!

A list of imovie Linux software

Below is given a list of imovie Linux software you should give a try!

VSDC video editor: Our best choice iMovie Linux software

This Linux iMovie editing equivalent software is the most powerful editor with a wide range of features. Color adjustments, filters, animations, and visual effects are all available. You can make any video you want with all of these features.

This video editing software can also be used to edit audio, such as incorporating music or improving the audio quality. You can indeed change the video’s backdrop. You do not need a membership to use the VSDC app; it is entirely free to use.


Animoto is yet another great open-source software and is one of the finest iMovie for Linux for novice video creators who aim to create and display expert footage with cinematography. 

Let’s admit it: not everybody is born with the skills of a skilled videographer, and not everybody has the financial means to attend costly film schools or hire the necessary equipment. Animoto was created as one of the finest iMovie Linux alternatives for video artists who want to explore rich video styles.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is the program to use if you’re passionate about post-production and want to learn the value of color grading. Simply put, it’s the color grading program used during the editing of La La Land!

Resolve was created by Blackmagic Design, and it is both creative and resource-intensive. It’s certainly not a good choice for newbies, and you must only use it if you have got a capable video card and computer. If you download this monster of an editor, you’ll receive everything you need to make videos, even the dishwasher.

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This iMovie for Linux software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and iOS devices. It offers a variety of input and output formats.

Video clip transformations, audio importing, voiceover playback, color tuning, text overlaying, and other useful functions are included. The soundbank can be used to add sounds to the video. The user interface, on the other hand, is not very excellent.


This is another Linux iMovie editing equivalent. Openshot is a minimal movie maker that won’t wow you with a sophisticated UI but should suffice for most fundamental tasks. 

It enables you to swiftly clip and combine video files with several tracks, add music, make template-based headers, and sometimes even experiment with animation (albeit 3D animation requires the installation of additional software). 

Youtube video editor

Yes, YouTube is another video editing software. You may add music, images, text, and effects to a video after being uploaded to Youtube. 

Although you won’t receive as many advanced tools as you would with other applications, this can assist you in modifying fundamental video elements. You must create a YouTube account, submit your videos, and perform the essential modifications.

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