Reasons why invest in app development?


Collect vital data, boost engagement and encourage customer loyalty all by investing in mobile app development.

There are many varied benefits to investing in mobile app development for your business, including being able to access more profit and streamline your processes. After all, the vast majority of online traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s well worth having an app that ensures your business can access that. Indeed, almost every aspect of your business will benefit from mobile app development. Keep reading to find out how.

Strengthen your brand

A mobile app can do wonders to strengthen your brand and boost consumer awareness. After all, smartphone usage is a frequent part of most people’s lives, all you need to do is make sure that at least some of that time is spent on your app.

Of course, different tactics can help you achieve this including using games, providing additional services like photo editing, and ensuring your app is pleasing and easy to use. Although, to genuinely strengthen your brand your app will also need to include as many visual (and other) aspects of your brand identity as possible, including your company colours, logos, fonts, and even tone of voice.

Encourage customer loyalty

Another benefit to investing in mobile app development is that it can help to encourage customer loyalty. Specifically, this can be done by creating loyalty programs that easily integrate within your app, something that makes them convenient and seamless to use.

It’s also possible to offer personalised suggestions for your customers via your app, as well as instant rewards which can also be very useful for boosting customer loyalty. Finally, don’t forget that by making social media integration seamless you can also encourage customers to share your content online. Indeed, this last benefit is a big one because your customers then become another effective way of marketing your products to others.

Boost customer engagement

Investing in mobile app development can also be advantageous because it can help to boost customer engagement and interaction with your brand. Indeed, the more interaction a consumer has with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you both now and in the future.

Features you may wish to include in your app to help increase customer engagement include segmented targeting. This is where you split your demographic into different categories based on their defining features and needs. You can then use this division to better meet the needs of your customers, providing them with products and offers that are specifically suited.

Integrate social media

Your company can also benefit from better social media integration when investing in a mobile app. Indeed, by asking customers to sign up with their social media details you can make sharing your content via social media a seamless and pleasing experience.

Of course, as we already know that the more time people spend engaging with your app, and sharing your branded content online, the better ROI you can expect, you can see some major returns for your business, just by making the integration between your customers’ social media accounts and your app easier.

Although it is worth noting, some consumers will need a little incentive to share your content online. Extra loyalty points or discounts will usually do the trick, here.

Collect valuable insights

Last, and perhaps most importantly of all, another reason to invest in mobile app development is that it allows your business to collect valuable insights into your customers, and what they want and need.

Indeed, to be able to offer your customer the very best value, you need to know as much information about them as possible, and there is no better tool to collect this than an app. In particular, asking them critical questions as they sign up for your app can provide you with a wealth of data that can be used to inform your business decisions.

You may even wish to send out surveys occasionally to collect more in-depth responses, although you will need to be careful both of response bias and to not annoy your customers, and so damage your relationship with them.

In particular be sure to collect metrics such as retention rates, download numbers, user demographics, and overall user numbers. All which you can then analyze to identify the areas in which your marketing is succeeding, and where it needs tweaking to perform more effectively.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s to collect vital data, encourage customer loyalty, boost engagement or help strengthen your brand, it’s clear that investing in mobile app development is something that can offer significant value to your business.

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