5 Management Certification for Corporate Leaders

5 Management Certification for Corporate Leaders

As a corporate leader, there are several skills you need to learn while on the job. The best way to acquire these skills includes networking, attending seminars and workshops, working on innovative projects, and even attending trade shows. However, if these events and roles don’t provide you with the satisfaction you are looking for, you can turn to management certifications.

These certifications are a good way to advance your career. Most of these certifications are aim to grow your competency by preserving your integrity and making you more resilient. Here are the top five management certifications to consider.

PMP Project Management Professional

According to research, the corporate world will see an increase in demand for professionals with project management skills. This being the case, a PMP Project Management Professional certification can help advance your career. Some of the areas you can employ skills learned under this certification include manufacturing, healthcare, publishing, information services, and professional services. This program is offered to corporate leaders with three to five years of experience. It provides them with an opportunity to learn more about project management theories and principles. Through this certification program, you can also learn about new tools and technologies used in project management to ease the workload and shorten the project’s timeline.

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CBPA Certified Business Process Associate, Professional, or Leader

In today’s digital era, most companies are looking for ways to streamline processes and integrate new technologies into their operations. This being the case, there is a growing demand for leaders and managers with skills in business process management. The best way to remain relevant in your field and even advance your career is by getting a CBPA certification. There are various institutions offering this certification. However, the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International may be one of the best picks. This certification is offered at professional, associate, and leader levels. Through this certification, you can maintain the high standards that come with business process management.

TOGAF Certification

The Open Group Architecture Framework certification is one of the best ways for professionals in the IT and Architectural sphere to advance their careers. Through a TOGAF certification, professionals can learn how to design IT infrastructures adapted to meet their needs. After completing the program, managers can share the skills with department heads and other stakeholders on how to design and implement an IT program that is effective and efficient. Through TOGAF certification, leaders can simplify and break down complex technical processes within an enterprise. This certification aims to impart leaders with knowledge on the principles of enterprise architecture and also help them advance their careers.

AIPMM Certified Brand Manager

This certification is offered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. Through this program, managers can learn how to maximize brand value and equity. They are also equipped with knowledge on how best to optimize customer relationship management. Today, most leads and conversion rates are generated based on customer experiences. How you treat your customers also plays a big role in shaping your brand’s image. By getting this certification, you can convince potential employers of your value in marketing and brand management. AIPMM certification is an excellent way to learn about new tools and technologies used in the marketing department to generate leads, boost revenue and create brand awareness.

AMA Certificate in Analytical Skills

The business world of today is reliant on data to generate leads, drive sales, and create brand awareness. This data is generated by things people do in their everyday lives. The more data collected, the more data analysis is needed. Analytical skills are increasingly becoming important, especially for managers and other leaders. One of the best career choices to make is to get at least one or two certifications for Analytical Skills. There are three certificate levels you can pursue with progressively advanced skills to help you analyze and interpret data. This way you can make strategic and informed decisions. A certificate in analytical skills mostly teaches the core principles applied in multiple research and analysis positions.

Final Thoughts

As a manager, you need to expand your knowledge base. This way you can become a better leader as well as bring in fresh input that may prove invaluable to the overall success of the company.

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