How to soften chocolate at home!

Chocolates a domicilio

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The reason for tempering chocolate is to make it have a higher melting point, prevent seizure, make it harder, have snaps, and give it a glossy look. Grabbing is when the chocolate comes into contact with water and hardens into a messy mass, much like a drop of water in a sugar bowl.

The classic way to bake chocolate is to use a marble slab and pour half of the chocolate into the slab with a spatula until it becomes thicker and the dripping chocolate forms a thick ribbon. Then put it back in the melted chocolate and stir it together. This is the way to see a professional pastry chef do it in a bakery, but even that pastry chef doesn’t have the time, space, or money for a marble slab.

The best way to bake chocolate at home is with the seed method. Start by taking the required amount of chocolate and saving 1/4 of it. Place the rest in a stainless steel bowl and dissolve in boiling water. Stir well to prevent the stove flame from coming out of the side of the pan. The two enemies of chocolate are high heat and humidity. Therefore, when melting, make sure that steam does not get into the chocolate and that the chocolate does not burn. When the chocolate melts, reduce the heat, add the reserved chocolate and melt slowly. Soak the spoon in chocolate and let the spoon rest at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. If it’s shiny, snapped and hardened, you’re tempering the chocolate.

There are some cool things you can do with fortified chocolate!

Chocolate Truffles-Take the same amount of heavy cream and chocolate. Crush the chocolate very finely or use chocolate chips. Add liqueurs and spices to the cream, such as Baileys, Grand Marnier, Kirsch and cinnamon. Boil the cream and pour it into the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted. At this point, you can add peanut butter, crushed peanuts, marshmallows, crushed cookies, and more. Cool until hard, roll into balls, then coat with fortified chocolate.

Items soaked in chocolate-whether strawberries, bananas, apples or marshmallows, you need to make sure they are dry. Otherwise Chocolates a domicilio, it will not be coated well. Other than that, the soaked ones are pretty trivial. You can temper the white chocolate and let it rain lightly on top. Also, entangle peanuts and crushed cookie crumbs while the chocolate is still liquid.

Molds-You can buy large quantities of molds from your local bakery or online chocolate store. Pour freshly baked chocolate into a mold, refrigerate and go to town!

Hope this helps you impress your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day!


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