How much does it cost to have kitchen cabinets painted?

cost to have cabinets painted

We are always excited to renovate the heart of our house, our kitchen, especially kitchen cabinets. We have to make a tiny cost to have cabinets painted out by installing new kitchen cabinets for repainting the old ones. Our budget should be allocated to meet our requirements like a number of cabinets or paint spray or roll paint.

Repainting kitchen cabinets can dramatically make your kitchen space look enticing and appealing. You will enjoy working in your kitchen space as it would look brand-new. The appearance will look attractive, and it would give you energetic vibes. Another great factor is that it will instantly increase the value of your house and uplifting the interior to get the best estimate for the cost to have cabinets painted.

The cost of kitchen cabinet painting


Painting your kitchen’s cabinet can instantly induce a new life to cabinets as it covers all its flows and makes them the center of attention. When the design of kitchen cabinets is complicated, it can be finely polished by expert painters. While we love to paint our kitchen’s cabinet, we have to realize the expenditures as well. The expenses depend on the following points;

  • Number of cabinets
  • Spray paint or Roll paint
  • Paint brand
  • DIY or professional painters

The estimated outlay for kitchen cabinet paint

Here we have made a list to give you a basic idea about kitchen cabinets painting cost by considering every detail. The total cost is estimated in standard dollars to give a rough idea, and it further depends on the size of kitchen cabinets.


Decide between Spray paint or Roll paint for kitchen cabinets.

One more thing to decide is whether to go with Roll paint or spray paint. It makes a difference in paint application, and so it determines the high-end paint finishing. Our ultimate goal is to get an even paint coating all over the surface. Painting kitchen cabinets with a roller is a traditional way that can look a little imbalanced because of some curves or designs in edges which we are unable to paint with rollers.

On the other hand, spray paints are considered quite fine for the kitchen cabinet painting as it pours out an equal amount of paint shower on cabinet surface and coat it thoroughly. They are going with a spray paint can costs you around 80$ per linear foot.

Kitchen cabinet painter’s charges per square foot

While hiring painting contractors for kitchen cabinet painting, you should ask if they charge per hour or square foot. Typically, they charge per square foot as kitchen cabinets aren’t giant to paint. Pricing varies from company to company or region to region, depending on the rate of living index. The cost to have cabinets painted is on average. And the total amount depends on your kitchen cabinets size.

Professional painting and DIY Painting

Another contributing factor to add to your estimated budget is to hire professionals for kitchen cabinet painting. With that, you have other expenses too, and they further increase when you acquire durable paints and standard equipment. Other people do it by themselves as it is not as difficult as it feels, but here, you just save the labor.

You do stripping, sand filling, and putty application by yourself. In addition to that, you have to buy the paint and equipment by yourself. Furthermore, it is totally up to you whether to go with round brush paint or spray paint.

Repaint to upscale your house value

When we look up to sell our house or give it to rent or renovate it, our first focus is to upgrade our kitchen space because it is the heart of your home and can instantly make it look recently constructed. Adding the significant thing that contributes to change the kitchen’s appearance dramatically is kitchen cabinet painting. Which induce new appealing looks to the kitchen.

Is it better to replace or repaint kitchen cabinets?

It depends on the condition of your kitchen cabinet. Some highly durable wood like ash wood or oakwood will look new every time you paint them. It further depends on your cost to have cabinets painted and requirements.


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