How do realme phones get so popular in India in a very short span?

realme phones

After entering India in 2018, realme has made a statement in the smartphone market with its comprehensive product portfolio. The company has a presence in almost every price segment, but its primary focus remained on the increasingly popular budget section.

The availability of realme phone under 10000 with superior features has helped the company to register a 22% growth in 2020, even during the economic downturn. Banking on this progress, realme has crossed a sale of 20 million units for the first time.

Taking note of this rapid growth, a question that arises here is, what makes realme tick with the Indian consumers? Read on to know the answer.

What makes realme phones so popular in India?

Whether it is a Realme phone under 10000 or above, the company has gathered traction in the Indian market owing to the following factors –

  • Market research

One of the biggest reasons behind realme’s success in India is its ability to understand the market requirements. Before entering the market, and even after that, they have constantly updated themselves with consumers’ demands. Resultantly, they have managed to curate products that can deliver what a customer is exactly looking for.

  • Product design

Taking a cue from the previous point, realme has focused on curating products emphasising specific pointers that will attract an Indian customer. The display quality, camera performance and battery life are three areas where an average budget smartphone buyer in India concentrates on.

realme has particularly curated its sub-Rs.20,000 phones, keeping in mind these factors. Also, the inclusion of type-C fast chargers has played a part.

  • Accessories

Similar to smartphones, the demand for low and budget smartwatches are also on the rise in India. The brand has successfully forayed into this segment as well. The realme watch’s introduction has helped average smartphone users own a smartwatch without paying high prices. The company has also launched a series of headphones as a part of its accessories package.

The introduction of such accessories has helped the brand to offer a more holistic ownership experience to its buyers, improving their sales number.

  • Unbeatable pricing

Taking a note from Xiaomi’s book, realme entered the Indian market, focusing on direct online retail through major e-commerce platforms. This has helped the company to keep their overhead costs in check and price their product competitively, offering a great value for money.

Individuals willing to purchase any realme phone can also easily find one on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. With a presence of 1 lakh+ partnered stores across 1900+ cities, this facility allows customers to convert their purchases into easily payable EMIs.

  • After-sales service

In any market over the world, after-sales service plays a major role in a brand’s growth. realme has managed to stay ahead of its closest rivals in this aspect as well. A consumer research programme that has surveyed almost 4000 users in various Indian cities has revealed that realme has the lowest return rate.

  • Value for money

Last but not least, realme offers value for money that is tough to match. The company focuses on delivering products that are high on features and hardware configuration but low on pocket-pinch. For example, the availability of a 4GB RAM mobile with Mediatek Helio series processor within Rs.10,000 further strengthens this claim.

Also, market research has shown that in terms of look, feel and design, the brand is not far behind the segment leader Xiaomi.

These are some notable pointers that have helped realme to grow so popular in India in such a short span.

Along with its already established online presence, the company is now focusing on increasing its offline presence. They are opening stores and partnering with retail outlets to display and sell their products, especially in Tier-III and Tier-IV cities. Therefore, buying a realme phone under 10000 will not be a hassle anymore as consumers can now check these phones physically before buying.

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