Hospitality Management Training – How to Find a Hotel Management Institute


destination by people seeking a place for their stay. It is considered as the cultural capital of the state with plenty of forts, palaces, temples and other monuments which add to the magnificence of the city. In fact, the tourism board of Jaipur has made an honest effort to preserve the city’s old age charm for those interested in seeing the heritage of Rajasthan. There are various historical hotels in Jaipur that not only offer good accommodation but also provide excellent services to their guests. The best part about these hotels is that they are managed by some of the best hotels of the world.

One can get best of both worlds when he/she stays in any of the heritage hotels of Jaipur. These hotels have been restored to their original glory and provide the best services to their guests. You can expect a warm welcome from the staff of such hotels. The services offered here are above par and you will not feel let down. Even the food served here is of top class quality. If you want to feel the hospitality of these hotels then you must give these hotels a serious thought.

The Hotel Association of Jaipur is a well established organization with several branches spread all over the state. Most of these institutes are run by the hoteliers themselves. They take great care in ensuring that the students of the institute get a proper job. This is the main reason behind their being considered as one of the best institutions for training hospitality.

UEI Global The Hotel Management Institute in Jaipur has come up with a policy of providing the best hospitality education to their students. The institutes are led by some of the finest personalities of the hospitality industry. They provide the programs which cover the basic areas of management and finance along with specialised courses in hospitality. This ensures that the students here develop into efficient managers who can effectively run the hospitality industry.

The institute also conducts specialised internships during the semesters. These help the students to network and meet people working in the hospitality industry. This experience proves useful when they start working as managers in various hotels. One of the best aspects of the training that takes place at the institute is that all the trainees are taught on the theory side only. No special theory courses are conducted so that the employees of the institutes understand the real estate market very well.

UEI Global has institutes at Agra, Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow, Thiruvananthapuram, Jalandhar, Ludhiana. However, their main campus is in New Delhi. Students from outside the country enroll here to gain degrees which can help them secure jobs in hotel management. The institutes provide job placement after graduation. It is therefore very easy to search for a job in a hotel management company after graduating from the said college.

Students who want to pursue a degree in hotel management in Jaipur must ensure that the institute is genuine. The institutes usually advertise on the Internet and encourage students to visit their campus. The better the advertisement is, the better the chances of the students getting in. They should be able to find out whether the institute is affiliated to any trade body or not.

Once you find an appropriate institute, the next step is to look for the right program. You may want to check whether there are any studies which can be used towards your future career. The institute should offer a complete course on hospitality, finance and administration along with the usual subjects like communication and management. Also make sure that the institute has good faculty and good students. Last but not least, it would be better if the institute has a placement facility.


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