5 New Prognosis for the Future of Cosmetic Boxes Packaging


Modern buyers paving the way for a future that is ground-breaking. If brands are looking to keep up, they will need to play a significant role and deliver cosmetic boxes that are in line with this exact vision. The cosmetics industry has to familiarize itself with revised consumer beliefs. Even before the COVID-19 crisis struck our world, everything was full of disruption, from technological shifts, digitalization, and the evolution of consumer likings. Let us take a look at some future prognoses regarding the beauty packaging industry.

Augmented reality (AR)

It is only about time before augmented reality (AR) becomes a necessary part of our routine lives. Last year, a global beauty vendor named Sephora introduced its 3 Dimensional AR mirror, which mimics cosmetics on the face of the user, that too, in real-time. So, in the next ten-year span, we can presume to see this type of ground-breaking technology make its way from mere mobile apps to Cosmetic Box Packaging. By having an eyeshadow palette in your hand or box of your favorite hair dye, shoppers will have a pictorial illustration of the make-up appearances that they can create.

By giving consumers the control to see products come to life right from their package, it will help to rapidly rush that purchase instinct and also hopefully eradicate any unnecessary purchasing. AR will also present a significant after-sale opportunity. It can show the consumer what else they should expect. By giving a full understanding of what the product and package are made from, how it is mass-produced, and what can be done with it after your primary use. This could help in reducing the misperception around how to reprocess correctly and will both involve and educate consumers in a way that is not possible through the imperfect on-pack message we have available today.

Recyclable and eco-friendly solutions of cosmetic boxes

Sustainability has now been a megatrend for quite some time. We have watched an increasing request for modification in ecological packaging, chiefly from the cosmetics industry. Certain brands of cosmetics packaging in the UK, like Floral Street, are trying their best to change the status quo by using paper-fiber solutions to offer cosmetics with no cello-wrap, no printed cards, just lovely precast boxes that are easy to recycle.

Looking into the future, you can expect to see more biodegradable solutions take whole new importance. The world is already seeing natural inventions taking over the cosmetics industry. One fine example is of Skipping Rocks Lab’s edible and recyclable seaweed package used majorly in the food and beverage industries. In the future, the beauty industry might use pods of mouthwash packed in dissolvable seaweed or exfoliates sold in a package that contains nutrients and seeds which can be planted in the garden to sprout herbs over time.

Packaging with a second life

Due to the rise in many socially influencing unboxing videos, consumers now expect the same experience with their own purchases. In the future, beauty brands desperately need to strike the perfect balance between offering an experience while cutting down on unnecessary packaging. For this to happen, brands should be ingenious in proposing a reusable and refillable package of very high quality.

An example of a company already doing the deed is Lush, which created a standalone box. That would hold a variety of solid bath oils. The package would be 100% recyclable and work as a pick-n-mix, allowing customers to select their own selection of products, carry them home or reuse the box on their next visit to any Lush store. This naturally pleasant solution adds a personal touch to the customer experience. In the near future, we might expect to see beauty vendors may offer naked cosmetic box packaging in UK products stores, with reusable packaging obtainable across their ranges.

Technology paves the way

Cosmetics brands will most definitely continue to derive inspiration from the collaborations that consumers have with their own tech products. These products can smart lipsticks and bottles which specifically design to open. With scrolling or swiping gestures right from your phone. In some cases, you can already see these ideas emerge. With popular products such as the You Perfume from the “Glossier” brand or the ergonomic packaging style. From Lilah B, who are manufacturing Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Wholesale for more reach and awareness.

Technology will surely drive the use of pioneering materials. Such as shape-memory composites and other such polymers. Which will act as boxes before being reconfigured into a shape for another purpose altogether. Picture this, think of a mascara wand that can be cleaned and transformed. Into a comb or an electric toothbrush package, which can utilize as the charger stand for the product itself.

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In-built product defense

As the world is emerging from COVID-19 slowly so you should expect to see demand. For a technology that can produce packaging which defends against potentially injurious viruses transferred by touch. Antimicrobial solutions have been in use in health care products for decades. And antimicrobial paper protection is a great example of what can be useful for packaging in a selling setting. Or subject to multiple product treatments in the supply chain.

The paper particularly treated with a silver compound that is verified to safe and effective against. The growth of microbes, such as MRSA, E. coli, and norovirus. The antimicrobial scheme summarizes into the papers and boards during manufacture. And remains active for the entire life of the product. This basically means that it cannot wash or scrubbed off. This sort of technological advancement will be mainly helpful now and in the future for beauty boxes. That may need to be handled multiple times. Everything around us is changing at a rapid pace. And one of the targets for the change will be Cosmetic boxes. Much like any other packaging, now eco-friendly boxes are being preferred.

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