Some Cool Ways To Celebrate Big Birthdays During Lockdown

Some Cool Ways To Celebrate Big Birthdays During Lockdown

This pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors for their safety and well-being. Seeing your close friends and family, heading to a party, and dancing until your feet hurt is not possible right now. Especially, it’s hard for those who have their birthdays coming up during the lockdown. Not having close friends or family around for birthdays is unfortunate, but still there some ways to make the best out of these days. With great use of online ordering, celebrating your birthday during this lockdown can still tick almost all of the boxes. From scrumptious online birthday cake to get an amazing gift for your loved ones, it’s now possible to celebrate you and your friend’s birthday. Here are some ideas to spruce up your closed one’s birthday and leave a smile on their face.

Plan a Virtual Birthday Party

The lockdown is affecting everyone from celebrating their closed one’s birthday. Especially for children with no outlet for their overflowing energy, they’re bound to get bored to the highest. With up to few people permitted to join each session, the house party may not allow for as big a gathering as a video call. But it’ll certainly allow one to create some sort of party atmosphere for your close one’s birthday.

Get Them A Delivery-Friendly Gift

Luckily for everyone, there are several gifts you can send through the post in this lockdown to suit almost every type of person. From sending cake through online cake delivery to getting your loved one a personalized gift, everything is now possible by online gifting portals. You could also give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving and pay for a subscription box to be delivered to their house every month. There is something for everyone out there in shopping online.

Make a Video Montage

If you wish to send your loved one something very special and personal, a video montage would be a great way to express all you wish to say. You can compile videos from their closed ones like friends and family with birthday messages and edit them into a video. While you physically can’t be there to wish your loved one, this is an amazing way that can surely bring out tears of joy.

Virtual Movie Night

Many online streaming platforms like Netflix are still a rage that lets its users share screens and even watch the same content. So what if you can’t go out and have your fun night with your close ones? You can stay in and have a movie night with your favorite group of people. Grab your favorite plate of snacks, make an easy cocktail, and binge-watch the movies that can take you around the world from your couch with your closed ones. Birthdays are not only about presents but also about beautiful moments and making memories.

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Order Their Favorite Dessert

Is there anything that can brighten up someone’s mood in this lockdown other than the delivery of favorite food? Just find a good and well-maintained bakery in your friend’s neighborhood that works with preventive measures and get a box of delicious sweetness delivered to make their lockdown birthday super special. A birthday celebration need not always be about splurging on grand restaurants and spending a lot of money. Even small sweet gestures by the right person can mean the world.

While it’s a great time to host a small birthday party for your loved one at home, there are several ways to make them feel special. So go all out or plan accordingly, but give your loved one a birthday that they would cherish forever.

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