How to Impress a Woman With Your Bedroom Decor


Designing a bedroom? Whether you a minimalist kind of guy, or have a home bursting with character, there are certain essential elements every man’s bedroom should include.

The following guide will help you create a boudoir that is not only conducive to sleep and relaxation but may very well improve your love life and will certainly boost the practicality and efficiency of the space. Giddyup.

Show Us Your Chest


Ah, storage. The scourge of modern living and shrinking homes can affect even the tiniest among us.

A simple solution comes in the sturdy form of a chest or trunk. Placed at the end of your bed with a few pillows, the trunk can double as a bench (or love seat?), while keeping surplus linen and towels – or sex toys and massage oil – out of sight.

You can pick up cheap options from Ikea and the like, but we prefer chests of the antique variety (wouldn’t grandma be pleased!). Add a hint of vintage charm to your bedroom by hitting the antique stores or weekend markets.

In terms of materials, avoid overly ornate options and stick with wood (cedar is preferable) and metal.

Colour It Right

Neutral colors are best in a masculine bedroom as they create a clean, serene atmosphere.

A base palette of black, white, and grey is recommended, but at the same time, it’s important to balance the demeure scheme with pops of color. If feature walls seem like too much hard work (or if you rent and aren’t allowed to paint the walls) pick a favorite artwork or decorative item instead.

Choose a shade featured in the artwork or item and use this as your accent colour. Grab a throw rug or a couple of pillowcases in the same colour and watch the room transform into a cohesive little sleeping den.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with your accent colour. One or two items in the desired shade are sufficient.

Bed Rules

Keeping it simple is a masculine mantra that should be applied to the bedroom, and particularly to the bed itself. Choose a simple design with clean lines and sharp angles, and NEVER skimp on your mattress.

Always buy the best quality you can afford and save your skimping for other areas of the bedroom (e.g. a secondhand bedframe or hand-made platform bed).

Platform beds were huge in 2016, and continue to adorn the male domain in 2017. With simplicity in spades, there are countless platform varieties.

A Fine Leather Chair

For those times when you’d rather sit than lie, a sumptuous leather recliner is a must-have.

While the bed is undeniably the most important piece of bedroom furniture, don’t underestimate the amount of relaxation (and action) that can be achieved in a reclining leather cocoon.

Brave The Bedside Table


A lot of men – especially men who live in female-free households – tend to overlook the bedside table.

Many have dainty images of ornate designs holding floral-scented hand lotions and well-thumbed romance novels with Fabio flexing on the cover. But side tables are pretty damn handy. Use it to hold a lamp and store sexy goodies, books, medication, or your iPhone.

Max Sparrow has an awesome collection of bedside tables, and free shipping is usually included for people living in metro areas.

Dressers & Chest Of Drawers

If you’re not lucky enough to have a bedroom endowed with built-ins, a dresser or chest of drawers is your next best bet. A classic hardwood dresser will never go out of style and will soften your neutral, minimalist palette.

This Latymer multi-chest of drawers (above) features a walnut effect and a glossy black accent. This one-of-a-kind dresser won’t be able to house your entire wardrobe, but it looks so good we want it anyway.

Lamp Light For Thought

Industrial lamps are what the cool kids call ‘on-trend in 2017, so indulge your grungy side and opt for a design with tons of industrial charm.

Rug Up

Adding warmth and texture to your bedroom is the humble rug.

Animal skin rugs (real or faux depending on your fur stance!) are always chic and masculine. We’re partial to this deerskin beauty that looks amazing under a leather recliner. to position your chosen rug off-center for a contemporary look.

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